Master Closet Reno

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Originally posted 2/18/2020.

For years, I’ve watched HGTV and basically drooled over the master closets in all of the homes. They were BIG, organized, and beautiful! It’s always been a dream of mine to have something like that, but not something I ever thought we would have.

Then, in 2017, my husband and I built a new home and one of the selling points of the model home was the master closet. It was HUGE! Like, I walked around the corner to what I thought would be a small closet, and literally smiled ear to ear like a little kid in a candy store. It was huge! It didn’t have the wow factor of all the closet organization, but it was a blank canvas and that’s something we could work with!

So, we put it in the back of our minds as a project we would add to the never-ending list. You think when you build a house from scratch you wouldn’t have a list of things you want to do, but here we are.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen this process from beginning to end. If you don’t follow me, you should. 😉 I’ve never gotten more direct messages about something I’ve posted! So, I figured I would take the time to write everything out for you. What we did from start to finish in case any of you are interested in doing this project too!

Full disclosure: We are NOT professional contractors by any means. We actually had a company come out to quote us for this first because we would rather pay someone than do it ourselves, but we just couldn’t justify the cost. We looked around at different options, and, well, keep scrolling for the final product!


My husband went in the closet, and took all the measurements that we needed. This step isn’t terrible if you know how to use a tape measure.


Again, we did have someone come out at first, and they actually gave us a really good idea of what would work well. We took that, and made it our own basically. We knew that I wanted/needed double hung rods, a higher rod for dresses and of course plenty of space for shoes. My husband’s side basically needed shelving and double hung rods.


In our first home, we had a very small closet, so to maximize space we actually did something very similar, but on a much smaller scale so we knew that type of closet system we wanted was out there! However, the exact one no longer exists. Of course.

So, after doing a cost comparison and standing in the closet organization aisle at Home Depot for 45 minutes, I finally convinced my husband that white is a neutral and DOES in fact go with everything. Now that it’s done, I’m SO glad we went with white. While our closet is big, it’s very long and narrow. If we would’ve done a dark wood, it wouldn’t have seemed as open and spacious as it does now.

I’ve linked the exact model of what we purchased below in case you want to do the same thing!


When we went to Home Depot to pick out all the supplies, we took our floor plan with us, and really analyzed what we wanted. There are so many different things you can get! Shelves, rods, tie holders, drawers…the list goes on! So, part of the 45 minutes was also spent discussing exactly what each side of the closet needed and what could fit.


Let the installation commence! As you can guess, I did little to nothing in this step. I was in charge of keeping our wine tumblers full and the Hamilton playlist going strong until instructed to hand over the level, hammer or some other tool I hoped was correct when I handed it over to the foreman.

I can put together a mean drawer though!


Okay, if you know me, you know this was my FAVORITE part! I’m very much a Type A personality which means I love it when things are organized! (Except my car, let’s not talk about that.) This step is where I got to put everything back into the closet.

For those who aren’t a perfectionist when it comes to organization like me, I’m going to walk you through how I organized everything in case you want to hop on the crazy train!

I had four rods to work with for the majority of my clothing.

  • Tanks & Short Sleeve Tops
  • Long Sleeve Tops & Sweaters
  • Pants & Skirts
  • Kimonos, Long Cardigans, Vests, Blazers, Jackets & Sweatshirts

For my tops, I organized them by sleeve length and color. So, if I have a one shoulder top, tank top and t-shirt, I put them in that order by color. I’m not SUPER crazy when it comes to the order of my colors, as long as they are all in the same color block in the closet. See the pictures below to help you understand what I mean. All of my pants were hung starting with denim, followed by dress pants and skirts.

I only got two drawers for my side of the closet. In those drawers, I folded up my scarves in one and my bathing suits in another. Again, I tried to do this as color-coded as I could, but with most of these pieces having multiple colors, it ended up being quite difficult to color-code.

Finally, I had to organize all my shoes. This part was actually the hardest. I have such a variety of shoes so I really had to think about how I wanted them organized. I definitely wanted them by color, but wasn’t positive on whether or not I should keep all categories of shoes together. When it came down to it, I kept it to color coding by category. (i.e. heels together, sneakers together, etc.) If you check out the pictures below, you’ll see that we bought the most genius thing ever…shoe slot organizers! These little guys are such space savers! They literally doubled my shelf space for shoes and made organizing all my shoes so much easier. I can say that they fit women’s shoes much nicer than men’s shoes, but we did use them for both my husband’s shoes and mine. I also have a ton of flats and sandals. There wasn’t a space that made a ton of sense on my shelves, so we just used one of my older two-tier stackable shelves for those.

Another thing I got from Amazon was a stackable headband holder. These things are great! They not only organize your headbands, but actually come in two parts and each compartment can hold things like your brush, hair ties and bobby pins. Currently, I only needed them for my headbands, but I did grab another one for my daughters room to hold all of her hair accessories as well!

This concludes our fun little closet reno. All of this took us a total of three days, and that included us painting first! Granted, we did have to order a couple more top shelves since Home Depot didn’t have the amount we needed in stock when we went, but we also did this all on a whim. You could easily order these in advance and knock out a closet reno in a weekend, too!

Below is a comprehensive list of everything we used in the closet:

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